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MARCH, 2015





 Selectmen spoke to contractor on pricing for paving aprons and or possible Town Office driveway. He suggested piggy backing on to the County's project which will save the Town money. More info as it comes.






DECEMBER 1, 2014

Municipal Officer’s present: Pat Perrino, Rod Falla and Bill Manahan

Others Present: Mike & Mary Hachey, Gerry Hoag Joanna Ellis & Kim Larsen

Meeting called to order 7: 08

  1. MINUTES: October minutes accepted as read.

  2. TREASURER REPORT: October report was  accepted as read.

  3. TAX COLLECTOR & IFW REPORT: October reports accepted as read. It was questioned whether to put the Lien notice in Bangor Daily. Kim will call MMA Legal again and confirm.

  4. SAFETY< ROADS & GRANT: Culverts and rip rap completed for this year will complete and do clean up in the spring. Mike did a wonderful job. Joanna Ellis brought in a thank you letter to the Selectmen (see attachment) Kim will send a copy to Mike Theriault. Joanna's only other concern was for the other land owner's concerns. Bill said he thought small berm half size of culvert will help with their issues and any huge water overage will go in the swamp but nothing like it was. But all water will not be diverted down Cross Ridge but the increased size of culverts installed should handle what does. Selectmen, engineers and contractor think for the most part this will make all land owners happy.

  5. ATV/MULTI USE TRAIL: Working out there today, still need to gravel but the sub grade is good. Greenville trail being shut down could cause issues if people start using the Beaver Cove roads as main access.

  6. LUPC: 4 permits. Some were from a while ago but just getting them. Gerry mentioned it would be good for Assessor id Associations would notify Town.

  7. Comments from the floor:

                Discussed CMP proposal for the lighting out front. Selectmen approved changing light out. Kim will get in touch with CMP and finalize the work order. Bill will get in touch with Tom Black for installation of light out back on main building. These changes should give light from driveway through all parking lot and out back should light up the sand shed area as well as back parking lot.

                Audit report was back ad all was fine.

                Christmas week the Town Office will be closed.

4. Meeting closed at 7:50

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Pasquale Perrino Jr.           Roderick Falla                     William Manahan