Building and Construction Process in Beaver Cove

Your first step in the building construction process (whether it is for a new construction, addition, garage, shed or other permanent structure) is to submit your proposed plan to LUPC (Land Use Planning Commission). LUPC requires an 8 1/2" X 11" sketch of all proposed buildings or alterations. All the details of your plan must be included on paper. If your lot happens to be located within the jurisdiction of one of the two association in town (either the Beaver Cove Association or the North Ridge Association), simply make a photo copy of you plans that you submit to LUPC and send it to the association. Upon LUPC approval, the association Architectural Review Committee will have to give its final approval of your proposed plan based upon the covenants of the association. If you do not have an association, then once LUPC approves your plan, you are ready to build. All new construction of septic systems or rehabilitation of older systems must be approved by the Town plumbing inspector. Systems should not be covered over until this final inspection and approval is received. There is only ONE (1) authorized plumbing inspector for Beaver Cove. Contact the Town Office for more information. Please note that more detailed maps below are available in the Town Office for the public to view.

Beaver Cove Association Lots and Burnt Jacket Mountain General Beaver Cove Map

For further information on LUPC's rules, regulations, and the application process, please contact them at the local office located in Greenville. Their phone number is (207) 695-2466. For more information on association covenants, variance procedures and more, please contact the applicable association that you belong to:


Beaver Cove Association

Architectural Review Committee

P.O. Box 1445

Greenville, ME 04441

North Ridge Association

Architectural Review Committee

P.O. Box 674

Greenville, ME 04441

For general information, you may call the Town Office. Please refer to your covenants before filing your building applications with LUPC.

Please be aware that all Town roads encompass a right of way that extends twenty-five feet from centerline.