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Town Office: Board of Selectmen: Town Employees:  

(207) 695-2880

   Town of Beaver Cove Roderick Falla,                            951-7992 Kim Larsen, Town Clerk
   795 Lily Bay Road Unit 101 Pasquale Perrino,Chairman      592-8811 Heidi Warren, Tax Collector
   Beaver Cove, ME 04441 William Manahan                         695-4383 Bill VanTuinen,  Assessor
Phone: (207) 695-2880 Administrative Assistant
Kim Larsen                          695-2880
Town Winter Plowing,       Mike Theriault

Lily Bay Road Plowing,    Mike Theriault

Fax: (207) 695-3778  
Email:  Fire Warden:   

Alan Roberts      695-2774      Lookout Bluff

Animal Control Officer 

Greenville Police Department 695-3835

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Kim   Heidi
  Bill VanTuinen  


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