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One of the first questions people ask is where is Beaver Cove? Some say they have driven through it but never see any people and few homes or camps. Well we'll tell you about our little hidden town in the forests of northern Maine.

Beaver Cove is surrounded by forest on three sides and Moosehead Lake on the other side. We are located on the east side of Moosehead Lake about 6 miles on the east side of the lake. To get here you would travel the only paved road (Lily Bay Road) north towards Lily Bay State Park and eventually to the last town of Kokadjo where the paved road ends and the Golden Road begins.

As you enter into our community the only building you will see is our new Town Office on the right. It was built in 2004. Our office is open Thursday & Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.. We have a library in the community for people to enjoy. Stop in and say Hello!

On the left side of the road is where 99% of all the homes and camps are located. Most of these you canít see from the paved road because of the forest that they are built in. When you turn left you will find the unpaved roads where everyone lives. Our dirt roads are among the best in the State and we take pride in their upkeep and dust control.

There are about 95 residents along with 10 children that live here year round. We are basically a seasonal community, where people come and go year round. Most of us who live here year round are retired and enjoy the 4-season living. If everyone who owned homes and camps would show up at one time we would easily have over 500 people in our community maybe even more.

One of the most unique features that Beaver Cove currently has is if you buy Association Land, which most of the residential area is, you either have waterfront or deeded access to Moosehead Lake. Very few communities in Maine can say this.

Other points of interest are:                                     


Real Estate prices range from 160,000. To 900,000


Choice lots are waterfront and elevation lots


Property taxes are low


LURC and Association control over building in Beaver Cove

In conclusion, we feel Beaver Cove is a little bit of paradise for us year round residents. We live with natureís creatures the moose, deer, bear, coyote, lynx, raccoons, red & grey squirrels, and eagles, owls, turkeys and many more we could mention.

We enjoy and the beautiful colorful fall seasons, the cold and snowy winters, the mild summers on and near Moosehead Lake.

To us this is our dream.


                     ITíS A UNIQUE AREA.



Town Office

795 Lily Bay Road

Unit #101

Beaver Cove, ME. 04441

 Phone: (207) 695-2880

Fax: (207) 695-3778



  Office Hours

9:00 AM till 1:30 PM
Thursday & Friday


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