General Information

Licensing, Voting, Registration, Property Tax and Dump Sticker Information

For Vehicle and Trailer Registrations: please contact the Town Office for more information on what paperwork to bring with you and what process you will have to follow in order to receive your registration and license plates. We will also be able to determine what your excise tax amount will be. Please note that if your vehicle license plate has a loon, UMAINE or other “deluxe” decal on it, there is an additional $15.00 registration fee due to the Secretary of State. If you have custom “initialed”,  numbered or lettered plates made up for your vehicle, there will also be an additional $15.00 registration fee due to the Secretary of State.

Vehicle Re-RegistrationsTrailer Re-RegistrationsPickup Truck Camper Inserts
Town Excise TaxTown Excise Tax (if Applicable)Town Excise Tax
Registration Fee: $35.00Registration Fee: $10.50 one year, $21.00 two yearsRegistration Fee: $10.50
Agent Fee: $4.00Agent Fee: $4.00Agent Fee: $4.00

Boat, Snowmobile and ATV Registrations

For new registrations, please bring along your bill of sale (which must include your purchase price), green dealer sales tax form if you have one and an old registration (if previously registered elsewhere). If your purchase was a casual sale not through a registered Maine dealer, we require that you have at least a hand-written bill of sale with the purchase price, date of sale and previous owner’s address on it. Additionally, with casual sales, you must submit a yellow Use Tax Certificate to declare if you already paid your sales tax or what your sales tax amount due will be. Please call if you have any questions. Please note that all motorized boats (even with an electric motor) require registration and milfoil sticker to be legal on an approved body of water.

Boat RegistrationsSnowmobile RegistrationsATV Registrations
Town Excise Tax


Personal Water Craft: $49
Milfoil sticker included in fee.

Agent Fee: $2.00
Excise Tax ExemptExcise Tax Exempt
Resident Registration Fee: $55.00
Agent Fee: $2.00

Non-resident: 3 day-$74.00

Non-resident: 10day-$99.00

Non-resident:full seas.$119.00
Resident: $75.00

Non-resident: 7 day $100.00

Non-resident: Season $115.00
Agent Fee: $2.00

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

If you have obtained a license with the town in recent years, then we have the information you need on file at the town office. If you are applying for a hunting permit of any kind for the first time in Beaver Cove, then you will have to present either an old license or your hunter safety class certificate(s). If you have not had a hunting license for 15 years or more, you must be re-certified by taking the appropriate hunter education classes.

Photos credit to Robin Harris

Fishing (plus $2 agent fee)$25.00Trapping Permitonly through Augusta
Hunting$26.00Muzzleloading Permit$13.00
Archery Hunting $26.00Doe PermitFrom State Only
Combo Fishing & Hunting or Archery$43.00Moose PermitFrom State Only (by lottery)

Dog Licensing

Dog licenses are due by January 31st each year to avoid penalties. Bring the new rabies certificate with you for a renewal. For new dogs, please bring as much information as you can with you that came from the vet and previous owner

Spayed or Neutered Dogs $6.00
Non-Spayed or Non-Neutered Dogs $12.00


Voting Registration & Information: Please bring your social security card or driver’s license with you for proof of residency. You are given the option to sign up for a party when you come in to fill the paperwork out.

Transfer Station Stickers: You must be a resident of Beaver Cove in order to receive a Lily Bay transfer station sticker. These are available at the transfer station.  When you fill out the application, you must indicate which vehicle you intend to put the sticker on, and the sticker must actually be affixed to that vehicle, so that it may not be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Additional  stickers are available for your other vehicles. 

Please note that the Town of Beaver Cove uses the County LILY BAY TRANSFER STATION located on Casey’s Road off of Lily Bay Road.


May 1 thru Nov 30 :

            Sunday 8 to 4.

            Tuesday & Friday Noon to 4.

December 1 thru April 30:

             Sunday 8 to 4.

             Wednesday 8 to 4.

Property Taxes: The town tax year begins on July 1 and runs until June 30. Tax bills are mailed out after the Town Assessor creates new bills usually by September 30th. They are due upon receipt or within30 days after the Tax Commitment. The interest rate for late taxes is 7.00% on all unpaid taxes 30 days after Tax Commitment. The property owner of record as of April 1st will receive the tax bill.

Please note that all of the above is general information only and there are likely additional requirements to obtain your registration or license. Please call the Town Office and we’d be glad to help you out.