Town Ordinances



WHEREAS, the inhabitants of the Town of Beaver Cove, Piscataquis County, Maine, are uniquely aware of and recognize the potential danger to persons and property that can result from the discharge of certain firearms within densely populated areas of Town; and

WHEREAS, such potential dangers require the Town to adopt reasonable regulations governing the discharge of firearms in such  densely populated areas in order to preserve and secure general health, safety and welfare of persons and property therein; and

WHEREAS, to address the concern created by the discharge of certain firearms as aforesaid, the inhabitants of the Town of Beaver Cove are authorized by State Statute to enact municipal regulations in the form of a municipal ordinance regulating the discharge of certain firearms within the Town of Beaver Cove.

NOW, THEREFORE, the inhabitants of the Town of Beaver Cove hereby ordained by the Town of Beaver Cove Special Town Meeting that the following be enacted:

Section 1: That the Municipal Code of Ordinances, Town of Beaver Cove, Maine is hereby amended by adding to  Section 1, Art- 1.18 (2) which  shall be titled “ Firearms Discharge Ordinance for the Town of Beaver Cove”, the Article supersedes all previous revisions and reads as follows

ART-12.21 (2) Section  A

No person, except a law enforcement officer in the performance of the Officer’s duties, shall discharge any firearm within the limits of the Town as described in Section B of this Article except (1) at military exercises, funerals, reviews or memorial events: (2) in proper defense of self, family and property, as permitted by statute: or (3) for the destruction of a dangerous animal, or an animal destroying property

Section B – Restricted Area

The limits to be restricted for the discharge of firearms shall be as follows: A certain lot or parcel of land situated in Beaver Cove, County of Piscataquis and the State of Maine and bounded and described as follows, to wit:  Bounded on the South by the Greenville – Beaver Cove Town Line on a parcel known as Burnt Jacket Mountain; on the East by Lily Bay Road, on the North by Lily Bay State Park and on the West by Moosehead Lake. However, all property owned by The Town of Beaver Cove to be included in this restriction.

Section C – Law Enforcement Officer Defined

For the purposes of this article, the term law enforcement officer shall include all officers so defined or described by the ordinances of the town or Beaver Cove, Statutes of the State of Maine and Provisions of the United States Code

Section D – Firearms Defined

For the purpose of this article, the term firearm shall be defined by Title 12 MRSA, Part13: Chap 901 (21) To Wit:

Firearm. “Firearm” means any instrument used in the propulsion of pellets, shells or bullets by action of gunpowder, compressed air or gas exploded or released within it.

Section E – Penalty

Any person who violates any portion of this ordinance shall be subject to a fine of $250. 00  for the first offense and $500.00 for a subsequent offense.

Section F – Severability

Each of the provisions of this ordinance is severable and if any provision shall be declared to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall not be affected but shall remain in full force and effect.




Section 1. Title
This ordinance will henceforth be known as the “Addressing Ordinance”

Section 2. Purpose
The purpose of this ordinance is to enhance the easy and rapid location of structures by law enforcement, fire, rescue and emergency medical personnel in the municipality of the Town of Beaver Cove.

Section 3. Authority
This ordinance is adopted and updated pursuant to and consistent with the Municipal Home Rule Powers as provided for in Article VIII, Part 2, Section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Maine and Title 30-A M.R.S.A. Section 3001.

Section 4. Administration
This ordinance shall be administered by the E-911 Addrssing Officer who is authorized to and shall assign road names and numbers to all properties, both on existing and proposed roads, in accordance with the criteria in Sections 5 and 6. The E-911 Addressing Officer shall be responsible for maintaining the following official records of this ordinance:
a. A municipal map(s) for official use showing road names and numbers.
b. An alphabetical list of all property as identified by current tax records, by last name, showing the assigned numbers.
c. An alphabetical list of all roads with the property owners listed in order of their assigned numbers.

The Municipal Board shall designate an Addressing Officer, who is responsible for and authorized to provide all required addressing and database information to the state agency responsible for the implementation of Enhanced 9-1-1 service. The Municipal Board may designate a Board member as the Addressing Officer or appoint any qualified individual who is certified and trained by the E-9-1-1 Bureau as the Addressing Officer.

Section 5. Naming System
All roads that serve two or more structures shall be named regardless of whether the ownership is public or private. A “road” refers to any highway, road, street, avenue, lane, private way, or similar paved, gravel, or dirt thoroughfare. A road name assigned by the municipality shall not constitute or imply acceptance of the road as a public way.
The following criteria shall govern the naming system:
a. No two roads shall be given the same name( ex. Pine Road and Pine Lane).
b. No two roads shall have a similar sounding name (ex. Beech Lane and Peach Lane).
c. Each road shall have the same name throughout its entire length.

Section 6. Numbering System
The following criteria shall govern the numbering system:
a. Numbers shall be assigned every 50 (fifty) feet along both sides of the road, with even numbers appearing on the left side of the road and odd numbers appearing on the right side of the road , as the numbers ascend. A 25-foot or less interval may be applied in more densely structured areas.
b. All number origins shall begin from Lily Bay Road or that end of a road closest to the designated origin. For dead end roads, numbering shall originate at the intersection of the adjacent road and terminate at the dead end.
c. The number assigned to each structure shall be that of the numbered interval falling closest to the front door or the driveway of said structure if the front door cannot be seen from the main road.
d. Every structure with more than one principle use or occupancy shall have a separate number for each use or occupancy, i.e. duplexes will have two separate numbers; apartments will have one road number with an apartment number such as, 235 Maple Road, Apt 2.

Section 7. Compliance
All owners of structures shall, by the date stipulated in Section 9, display and maintain in a conspicuous place on said structure, assigned numbers in the following manner:

a. Number on the Structure or Residence. Where the residence or structure is within 50 (fifty) feet of the edge of the road right-of-way, the assigned number shall be displayed on the front of the residence or structure in the vicinity of the front door or entry.
b. Number at the Road Line. Where the residence or structure is over 50 (fifty) feet from the edge of the road right-of-way, the assigned number shall be displayed on a post, fence, wall, the mail box, or on some structure at the property line adjacent to the walk or access drive to the residence or structure.
c. Size, Color and Location of Number. Numbers shall be of a color that contrasts with the background color and shall be a minimum of four (4) inches in height. Numbers shall be located to be visible from the roadat all times of the year.
d. Proper Number. Every person whose duty is to display an assigned number shall remove any different number which might be mistaken for, or confused with, the number assigned in conformance with this ordinance.
e. Interior Location. All residents and other occupants are requested to post their assigned numbers and the road name adjacent to their phone for emergency reference.

Section 8. New Constructioin and Subdidisions
All new construction and subdivisions shall be named and numbered in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance and as follows:
a. New Construction. Whenever any residence or other structure is constructed or developed, it shall be the duty of the new owner to obtain an assigned number from the E-9-1-1 Addressing Officer. This shall be done at the time of the issuance of the building permit.
b. New Subdivisions. Any prospective subdivider shall show a proposed road name and lot numbering system on the pre-application submission to the Land Use Planning Commission, (LUPC). Approval by the Land Use Planning Commission, (LUPC), after consultation with the Town E-9-1-1 Addressing Officer shall constitute the road names and numbers to the lots in the subdivision. On the final plan showing proposed roads, the applicant shall mark on the plan, lines or dots in the center of the streets every 50 (fifty ) feet so as to aid in the assignment of numbers to structures subsequently constructed.

Section 9. Effective Date
This ordinance update shall become effective as of March 21,2022. It shall be the duty of the E-9-1-1 Addressing Officer to notify by mail each property owner, ( not already assigned a number),and the U.S. Postal Service of their new addresses at least 60 (sixty) days prior to the effective date of its use. It shall be the duty of each property owner to comply with this ordinance, including the posting of new property numbers, within 60 (sixty) days following notification. On new structures, numbering will be installed prior to final inspection or when the structure is first used or occupied, whichever comes first.

Approved on this date: March 21, 2022 at the Municipal Board meeting by the following Board members.
Gerard Hoag, Alison Barkley, Jamie Brown